About Us

We are here to develop and implement the newest and most effective solutions to marine flooring design from measurement, installation, and performance.

Wildbergh Marine Flooring Incorporated began as an independent contractor working with a Mid-Atlantic marine flooring company. After measuring and installing over 200 boats, Mr. Wildbergh looked for a company with the highest quality material to partner with. His goal was to use his skills to deliver excellent customer service and design with a top quality product. After many months of research, HydroDeck of Atlanta, Georgia fit the bill. They provide a closed cell PE Foam and have a high standard of service to the marine community. In August of 2020 he became a licensed dealer with HydroDeck and formed HydroDeck Mid-Atlantic. He continues to offer his services to all prior clients and cherishes all of the marine community that he has encountered on his journey. William Wildbergh looks forward to providing your marine flooring needs with professionalism and the highest attention to detail and quality.